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Corpora Delicti ebook

The Corpora Delicti ebook is now for sale on Kindle. I don’t know which other ebook retailers it’s show up in yet, but if it isn’t available yet then it should become available as they process it through their systems.

Corpora Delicti paperback sale

Casperian are having a Black Friday week sale for paperback copies of Corpora Delicti. Starting now, it's $9.99 direct from Casperian only. The reduced price should show up when the book is in the cart.

(The offer is for US domestic orders only, I'm afraid).

Easter special at Casperian

For the Easter weekend, starting today, Corpora Delicti will be reduced from $13.50 to $10.99 on the Casperian website. The site still shows the regular price, but adding it to the cart will get you the sale price.

(This is available to US customers only, I'm afraid, as Casperian only ship to the US.)

Future Updates

Because I now post book news in various places, I'm going to stop posting on the mannazone_news com. I'm the only one who posts on the mannazone comm anyway, so it seems silly to keep duplicating posts. So this is the last double post, and in future, LJ updates will be on the mannazone comm only (i.e. this one).

I am going to start posting updates on Dreamwidth, as some people have migrated over there, and I'm also going to be using my Goodreads blog. Here is a full list of places you can watch for news, so just pick the most convenient for you:

LJ: http://mannazone.livejournal.com/
Dreamwidth: https://mannazone.dreamwidth.org/
Tumblr: http://mannafrancis.tumblr.com/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/962319.Manna_Francis/blog

Corpora Delicti

While it isn’t showing up yet searching by name or author, an ISBN search found Corpora Delicti for sale on the Book Depository. They do free shipping to most countries. (BTW, that’s an affiliate link which will give me a tiny cut of each sale.)